Time for Pioneers – Overview of the new stats for all engines

The new update is bringing big changes to Rail Nation.

Besides the six new passenger engines and the revamped research trees, all attributes of the engines you are familiar with will also change. The new engine stats can be characterised by improved balancing. The new categories mean each engine provides added value in certain game situations.

Adapting to these modified attributes will be a big challenge for all players. Gone are the times where the research path to the Falcon and Lynx were always the same. New paths to success must now be found.

To make sure you can also master Rail Nation in the future, we offer you an overview of how the engine’s attributes will change.

How to read the tables:

The figures always show the minimum value without upgrades and the highest value including all upgrades that an engine could reach until now (old) and the equivalent future values (new). Additionally, the new engine category (sprinter, short-haul, etc.) is displayed underneath the name.

The left figure shows the minimum value without upgrades, the right figure the maximum after installing all upgrades.

The update will soon be released. Of course, the engine attributes will not be changed during a round. The changes will only affect new servers. We’ll soon let you know when the first server with the new stats will launch.

We hope you find the tables helpful!