The winter event is coming!

Hello railway fans,

Winter is coming! Following this year’s extraordinarily hot summer in many parts of the world, temperatures are now slowly going down as the cosy season begins. It’s the time of biting cold outside and snugly evenings in your warm home. Of course, the change of season is not lost on Rail Nation either, and we’d like to help bring you into a wintry mood.

We’re happy to present you the winter event for the very first time!


In addition to the usual gameplay, the winter event will temporarily add some special features. Quests, a new building for your train station, a new currency, new resources and a new challenge where you need to carefully plan how to use these resources… and of course, rewards matching your efforts!

The winter event will be active on the following servers from 6th December and will last a total of 8 days:


The event can be summarised with the following bullet points:

  • Collect winter coins
  • Use winter coins to buy winter resources
  • Reveal fields on the board with winter resources in order to reach the bonus ticket at the end of the board
  • Collect as many diamonds as possible from bonus tickets
  • Win lots of other rewards
  • Earn career points at the end of the event by being one of the collectors with the most diamonds


Below, we’ll explain the individual elements of the event in more detail:


These are winter coins, the basic currency of the winter event. You can get them by trading winter resources, from quests, the winter market, revealing fields on the event trail and from carrying out random actions in the game.




Here you can see the five new winter resources.


You can buy them either individually or in boxes in exchange for winter coins. The prices for the individual resources vary, depending on supply and demand across the whole server. So, it’s important to carefully consider when and how to buy which resources and when to sell them to get more winter coins.



You can do all this on the winter event board that you can see here:


At the top of the board, you can see the trade menu for winter resources and their current prices. In the bottom left, you can see the resource boxes that can also be purchased with winter coins.

The trail is in the middle of the board. Here you can reveal the fields by investing the resource shown on them. You can work your way through to the right to reach the bonus ticket. When revealing fields, you’ll find the odd surprise every now and again.

You can also see the buttons that lead you to the quests and the diamond ranking in the bottom right of this image.

The amount of winter coins and diamonds you own is displayed in the top right. And, last but not least, in the top left you can see your winter market’s level and how many diamonds you need to collect to level-up the building.

Winter market? Well, we should probably also explain what this is about. The winter market is a new building you can find in your train station.

You can regularly earn winter coins from it. Like other buildings, the winter market also has a level. If your winter market has a higher level, you’ll get a small bonus on the winter coins you earn from completing quests. This bonus will stay with you for any possible future events and for their event currency! The winter market’s level increases, the more diamonds you collect. The diamonds aren’t spent in this process, instead the level of the building depends on the total amount of diamonds collected.

The bonus ticket is also very important; it’s your most valuable source of diamonds.

While it’s possible that you’re lucky and receive a diamond by revealing fields or from the winter market, you’ll gain most from the bonus ticket. The bonus ticket doesn’t only contain diamonds, but also one of the following prizes:

  • Free lottery tickets
  • Gold
  • Winter coins
  • Additional diamonds
  • Plus Account
  • The new event bonus engine
  • The special event Gold or winter coin rush

It pays to unlock the bonus ticket as many times as possible. Especially since the number of diamonds you collect will determine how many career points you’ll get at the end of the event. You can view the diamond ranking at any time during the event. Your rank is calculated according to the percentage of the best players on the server you’re on.

We wish you lots of fun and may the player in the best winter spirit win!



Can I buy winter coins or resources with Gold?

No, that’s not possible.

Are the quests more difficult to solve if I play on a server in an early era?

No, we worked hard to adjust the quests to the different eras. Additionally, you’ll only compete with players on your own server, so everyone plays under the same circumstances.

Will I receive more career points and diamonds, as well as a higher-level event building if I play on multiple game worlds?

Nope. If you play on multiple game worlds, only the one with your best result will count and the amount of career points and the level of the event building will only be determined by that game world.

Which era was the event bonus engine designed for? Do I have an advantage if I win it in an early era?

The event bonus engine’s attributes are adjusted to the era you win it in. It will be roughly just as helpful in all eras.

What’s the best strategy to win?

You’ll have to find out yourself 😉

Are the winter resources in some way related to the goods transported in the game?

No, the winter resources are only used for the winter event trail.

You mentioned future events… what sort of events will they be?

This hasn’t been decided yet. If you like the event, we would occasionally like to host additional events, though.

Why does the event not take place on some game worlds?

This affects servers where the winter event would happen at the same time as the endgame and those, where the server either started too late or ends too early, meaning the event couldn’t run for its full duration.

What happens to the winter market after the event?

The winter market will disappear from your train stations and will only reappear, possibly in a different form, if other similar events are staged. The level will remain the same, however.

How long can the bonus engine be kept? Only until the end of the event or until the end of the server?

The bonus engine will remain with you until the end of the server.

Can the bonus engine be purchased with Gold?

No, that’s not possible.

Do I have to buy Gold for the event?

Nope. Some quests can only be solved by using Gold; however, as an active player in the event, you should always get enough Gold to be able to solve these quests.

Why does the winter market have such a long cool-down?

This was done intentionally to give both hardcore and casual players a fair shot at the game.