Rail Nation Update 6.6.0


More improvements coming your way!

Dear players,

Our newest patch contains lots of improvements and bugfixes for you. As you can see from the list below, quite a lot has been going on. So, let’s get started right away!





There’s been quite the hustle and bustle in the locomotive shed. Engineers and mechanics have been working tirelessly to maintain Rail Nation over the past few months. The result of their work is the first of a series of updates that contain many improvements to Rail Nation! For update 6.6.0, a package has been created that includes improvements to the manual schedule editor, tutorial, and associations. Here are the most important changes and enhancements for your Rail Nation experience:


Manual schedule editor: 

  • The schedule editor is now self-explanatory and intuitive to use. As a result, new players to Rail Nation should find their way around quickly, and advanced players will also benefit from the improvements.



  • We’ve revised the search association screen so new players can understand it better. The best option is shown at first glance, so a newcomer can quickly access an association.
  • In newly founded associations, the option “Automatically accept new applications” is activated by default. This way, more associations automatically accept applicants, and new players can join a new association more easily.
  • There are no more limited association switches while the player has newbie status (2 days). Players can now join better associations at the beginning when they have created/joined another association.


Starting flow with tutorial:

  • We have increased the speed of help arrows, so arrows appear noticeably faster but not instantly.
  • The tutorial window has been reworked. It’s now much simpler and easier to read.
  • Competitions are generated earlier. Players can participate in competitions earlier to complete the tutorial faster.
  • The recommended city has been revised, so new players join more crowded cities.



  • RN2018-5118: The app no longer freezes after installing a bonus engine upgrade with a voucher.
  • RN2018-5499: The chat no longer overlaps with the bottom menu.
  • RN2018-5659: The game is no longer displayed in landscape mode in larger resolutions.
  • RN2018-5985: Some text lengths of bonus engines have been adjusted.
  • RN2018-6572: You can now set the same number of stations in a manual schedule as the browser version.
  • RN2018-6592: The chat no longer covers the report player function.
  • RN2018-6681: Investment ranking no longer closes after the player opens an industry.
  • RN2018-6697: After setting a manual schedule, the schedule screen now closes automatically.
  • RN2018-6729: The centred city screen is now fully displayed in smaller tablet resolutions.
  • RN2018-6822 :The app no longer freezes after selling engines from the museum.
  • RN2018-6827 The app no longer freezes or crashes while switching between different gameworlds.
  • RN2018-6842: The station screen still works again after watch-other-player mode.
  • RN2018-6872: An issue has been fixed with the button state if you enter the waggon amount manually before purchase.
  • RN2018-6964: The city details of another city can be opened via the ranking now.
  • RN2018-7072: All engines can be sent to the city now and can load saved schedules.
  • RN2018-7261: The player can no longer enter the shop after the endgame by accident during an active sale.
  • RN2018-7264: Headlines in the city passenger screen in Dutch no longer overlap.
  • RN2018-7331: Timers for all bonuses at the station no longer disappear.
  • RN2018-7717: Now all upcoming workers are displayed in the auction screen.
  • RN2018-8239: An error message is now displayed if the player cannot join an association because they still have to wait 24 hours.
  • RN2018-8952: You can confirm the renaming of a train with the enter/return keyboard button without breaking the scroll function in all lists.
  • RN2018-9089: Renaming a train can now be confirmed with the enter button.
  • RN2018-9109: The station in sitter mode now works with the list view and graphical station.
  • RN2018-9967: Login problems with longer avatar names have been fixed.
  • RN2018-10008: The cheaper maintenance event effect is displayed correctly on the maintenance screen.
  • RN2018-10722: The amount of tonnes needed in the endgame is displayed correctly now.
  • RN2018-10723: The login bonus and power bonus can no longer be used after the endgame.
  • RN2018-10829: The app no longer crashes if the app rating pop-up appears.
  • RN2018-10833: The whole map is accessible again in the manual schedule mode.
  • RN2018-10834: In the Steam over Europe scenario, the mayor and president bonus are only displayed in the selected cities again.
  • RN2018-10835: The cheaper maintenance event tile is displayed correctly again.
  • RN2018-11297: Partner cities are displayed correctly in the side screen again.
  • RN2018-11497: The additional prestige for defending a title is now displayed in the title ranking.
  • RN2018-11582: A visual block has been added for the donate button on the association screen in sitter mode.
  • RN2018-11607: Trains no longer vanish from the map if the player sells a train.
  • RN2018-11608: There is no longer an endless loading screen after upgrading a train with a waggon upgrade.
  • RN2018-11609: Automatic login on the last gameworld works again.
  • RN2018-11691: Purchasing trains into the museum works again.
  • RN2018-11929: You can no longer apply to your own association.
  • RN2018-12253: Train stats and skins are displayed again in the train details.
  • RN2018-12261: Timers at the restaurant, shopping hall and hotel are no longer cut off.
  • RN2018-12264: The laboratory screen at the maximum level is displayed correctly now.
  • RN2018-12275: Purchasing wagons with the + and – buttons works again.
  • RN2018-12319: The newbie bonus is only displayed in the waiting time screen now if the player has newbie status.
  • RN2018-12588: The text is now displayed correctly for building price reduction vouchers in the login bonus.
  • RN2018-12708: Passenger trains are no longer displayed in the era overview in the American Dream scenario.
  • RN2018-12781: A missing text has been inserted for the instant upgrade voucher in the login bonus pop-up.
  • RN2018-12877: A display error in the hotel screen has been fixed in Italian.
  • RN2018-12907: An issue has been fixed where incorrect Gold prices were displayed for several items when a discount was active in the shop.
  • RN2018-12910: Overlapping description texts in the association screen of other associations have been fixed.
  • RN2018-12920: The researcher turns around when activated.
  • RN2018-12952: It’s now possible again to add attachments to support tickets.
  • RN2018-13053: On the competition screen, the progress of a competition is displayed in tonnes rather than as a percentage and passengers are no longer counted in tonnes.
  • RN2018-13278: The progress of a competition is displayed in tonnes rather than as a percentage in the widget again.
  • RN2018-4535: Black screens in the station and tech tree have been fixed.
  • RN2018-5189: Adjustments have been made to ensure that the messenger reopens in the same thread after losing the chat connection.
  • RN2018-6881: The area around connected cities is visibly lit up.
  • RN2018-7738: The settings for the messenger are now saved correctly.
  • RN2018-8441: Minimised chat now shows the text correctly.
  • RN2018-10828: Changing to another gameworld should not take too long anymore.
  • RN2018-10836: The avatars and their crests are displayed in the ranking again.
  • RN2018-10837: The avatars are displayed in the messenger again.
  • RN2018-11243: Trains moved into the museum can be moved back to the schedule now.
  • RN2018-11397: The keyboard should no longer overlap with the text input fields.
  • RN2018-12014: Switching between the map and the screens has been improved.
  • RN2018-12332: The price for the power bonus is displayed correctly now.
  • RN2018-12422: Tech tree points are updated better in tech tree screen now.
  • RN2018-12446: Loading the tech tree works again.
  • RN2018-12484: The timetable calculator displays goods for industries and cities.
  • RN2018-12655: The button for buying a train works again.



  • UI: The look of the main menu has been adjusted.
  • UI: The look of the loading screens has been adjusted.
  • UI: An orange indicator has been added for personal messages.
  • AUDIO: Sound settings have been revised.
  • AUDIO: Sound can now also be switched off and on in the loading screen.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: The look of the login screen has been adjusted.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: A Discord link has been added to the main menu and loading screen.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: Information that the player has researchers is displayed in the laboratory screen.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: Multiple instant dispatches are now available.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: An indicator has been added for the research point limit if all possible technologies have already been researched.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: The friend bonus is directly visible in the factory screen.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: The city name is now displayed in the competition end screen.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: All prizes are displayed in the lottery overview.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: The video screen has been polished.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: A change home city button has been added to the city details.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: A display has been added for the newbie status in the investment screen.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: A confirmation pop-up has been added for changing home city.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: Version information has been added.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: Purchasing wagons has been moved to the end of schedule setting.
  • SHOP: The new shop has been added.
  • ASSOCIATION: The screen has been graphically reworked, newbies can now switch as often as they want and newly founded associations accept new applications automatically by default.
  • HELP: Additional information buttons are now available for cities, industries and landmarks.
  • MANUAL SCHEDULE: The manual schedule mode has been extensively revised.
  • MANUAL SCHEDULE: Graphics have been revised for better contrast.
  • MANUAL SCHEDULE: The display of required city goods has been revised.
  • MANUAL SCHEDULE: A graphical distinction is made between current and previous era goods.
  • MANUAL SCHEDULE: Unnecessary map objects have been removed.
  • MANUAL SCHEDULE: One-click schedule setting is possible for required goods.
  • MANUAL SCHEDULE: New display of account balance.
  • REGISTRATION: The account activation pop-up has been moved to directly after registration.
  • CITY SELECTION: New accounts (which haven’t finished a round) receive improved city recommendations depending on active player numbers and ranking position.
  • TUTORIAL: Help arrows appear faster and screens have been graphically reworked.
  • WORKERS: Workers are now available at the start of the gameworld.


We also managed to fix the following issues for you:

  • The app rating screen has been adjusted.
  • TRAIN: SCHEDULE: Loading a set while trains were already using some of the wagons would prompt the wagon buy screen.
  • USA: MEGACITY: SIDE SCREEN: Non-existent mayor bonus was no longer displayed in the city screen.
  • SITTER: Cooperation donation wasn’t disabled.
  • COMPETITION: Competition screen displayed percentages rather than tonnes.
  • ASSOCIATION: You could apply to your own association.
  • ASSOCIATION: The headquarter tool-tip used the wrong variable for the maximum member count.
  • SHOP: LOGIN BONUS: The wrong text string was used for the building price reduction voucher.
  • FULL STEAM BOX: The information text for the trains in the bundles showed information based on other items in the bundle.
  • INVITE FRIENDS: Bonuses could not be redeemed and the window would just be blank.
  • COMPETITION: WIDGET: The widget progress of a competition displayed percentages rather than tonnes.
  • LOGIN BONUS: Text was missing for the instant upgrade voucher in the login bonus pop-up.
  • CITY: Partner cities were not displayed.
  • ASSOCIATION: PROFILE: The “Description” text overlapped with itself when watching the profile of another association.
    The researcher did not turn around when hired.
  • USA: ERA OVERVIEW: Passenger trains were displayed in the train list.
  • SCHEDULE: SAVE: Saved schedules with more than four but with less than ten stations were displayed incorrectly when saved.
  • SCHEDULE SET: The wrong tool-tip was displayed for saving the schedule set.
  • [MOB] TUTORIAL: The tutorial screen height no longer auto-scaled.

New Features

Classic mini changes…

  • EVENT: Preparation for an upcoming event!



We’ve got even more fixes and improvements planned for the future, but for now…


Enjoy update 6.6.0!


Your Rail Nation Team


For the full changelog, head over our discord in the dedicated channel.